Pain Management Tips

Girl suffering from back pain at a laptop

  • Much neck and shoulder pain is the result of holding a “forward head posture” for long periods of time.

  • Keeping your ears over your shoulders provides the most efficient way for the upper trapezius and neck muscles to support your head and relieve the stress that typically comes from hours at a desk working on a computer. Picture your head over your shoulders as a golf ball balanced on a tee.

  • Hands held on the computer mouse and working on the keyboard also contribute to shoulder pain and even hand numbness. Support your arms while working rather than maintaining a position with your elbows dangling in mid-air. Slide your mouse behind the monitor to fully support your arm, or use arm rests on a desk chair to relax shoulders during work. Always drop your hands to your lap between hand use or while just reading the screen. Take frequent small breaks. Standing up is also very helpful, and you might consider a standing work station.

  • Telephone headsets are an important tool to relieve the stress of holding a phone up to your ear. Most businesses are happy to supply them if you just do the legwork of finding the right one and getting it ordered. If you have to pay for it yourself, it is still worth the money for the relief you will feel. Do it today.

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